BBQ Gift Ideas For Dad

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Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by Bradley Smoker

Father’s Day is coming up and we’ve done all of the hard work for you, finding some of the hottest BBQ gifts for fathers, husbands and friends!

Some dads and hubbies out there can be a little tough to shop for, but you’re sure to make their day with one of these nice gifts that will create a better outdoor cooking experience for them.

Consider one of these gift ideas for your backyard chef!

BBQ Gift Ideas For Dad

  • Pizza Stone: Once you try grilled pizza, you’ll never look back! Pizza grilling stones come in different shapes and sizes, but the mini square stones for personal size pizza grilling are a big hit. Buying a set of 4 stones enables you to create your own personalized pizza with all of your favorite toppings. Even the tightest families have different taste preferences when it comes to one of the most popular dishes in North America!
  • Deluxe BBQ Tool Set: Just like a mechanic needs quality tools that will withstand use and abuse, a backyard chef needs durable grilling tools, preferably in stainless steel. For spatulas, grill tongs and cleaning brushes, go stainless. You’ll thank yourself at the end of summer.
  • iGrill Meat Thermometer: The iGrill and other similar digital meat thermometers take all of the guess work and waiting out of outdoor cooking. Featuring dual probes, you can grill two different types of meat or insert them two different places of the same meat (ie. one in chicken thigh, one in breast) for more thorough monitoring. Moreover, a good digital meat thermometer will beep at you as soon as the meat has reached a desired doneness, saving you from waiting around and having to check the meat.
  • Bradley Grill: Dad deserves a grill that will stay looking nice for years, and provides the power and versatility to create mouth-watering creations for you and guests. With the Bradley Grill, you can start entertaining and delighting family and friends in that epic Bradley fashion! Order yours today!
  • BBQ Storage – Here are some great things to help with some easy BBQ storage and keeping your areas organized.
  • Jalapeno Popper Rack: Everybody loves a good appetizer to go alongside their favorite beverage, and this handy little grilling rack makes it so easy to make those picture perfect jalapeno poppers. Keeping the jalapenos upright allows you to pack in even more cheese without it running out and making a mess.
  • Grill Basket:If you’ve ever had vegetables or a piece of fillet fall through your grilling grates, then you know how frustrating that can be. A good quality grill basket with flexible sides allows you to grill fillets of various sizes and veggies with ease.
  • Kebab Skewer Set: A good kebab set is a must for any backyard chef, preferrably stainless steel skewers. Look for a set that has a rack with notches specifically designed to keep the skewers from spinning. Once you have the meat and other fixings on there, it helps to have those skewers fixed into place for more even grilling.
  • Man-Law Digital Thermometer Tongs: Grilling has never been so fun and easy as it is today. With these BBQ tongs that feature a built-in digital thermometer, you can turn your food and check for doneness simultaneously.
  • Weatherproof Grill Cover: Grills that are exposed to the elements can start to take on a windblown, sun-scathed and weathered look pretty fast. Protect your expensive grill with a good quality grill cover.
  • Rugged Apron: If you really want to impress Dad for Father’s Day, make him a personalized, rugged man apron. Make sure it has pockets for tongs, salt and pepper shakers, beer bottles or whatever makes it fun and unique for him!

Here’s wishing all of the Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! Hopefully this gives you a few ideas to consider. Make it day filled with friends, family and great tasting food!