Jim Beam Stainless Steel Grill

Jim Bean Stainless Steel Grill
Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by Bradley Smoker

Grilling and Jim Beam are synonymous with sharing good times with family and friends. The Jim Beam Stainless Steel Grill will give you all the power and versatility you need for backyard grilling and to share with you family and friends. With 696 sq. inches of cooking space (61,000 BTU), 4 main burners, and a side burner there’s plenty of grill space to go around. The cast iron grates will even give the beautiful grill marks we all love to show off.

Additional features include: electronic ignition, double-layered hood (stainless steel outside, aluminum plating inside), temperature gauge on hood to give oven temperature, and stainless steel burners.